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S&S Super Stock 91 cc. #900-0666
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:05:17 PM »
Hello I bought these cylinder heads and Electric Compression  releases.
S&S website gives this information for heads: " These S&S Super Stock high performance cylinder heads are designed specifically for S&S T124 T2 long block engines for 2007-'16 HD big twins and 2007-'16 engines with S&S 124" Hot Set Up Kit installed. 2.000" intake and 1.605" exhaust valves coupled with S&S ports, supply plenty of air for these big motors. Machined for S&S electric or manual compression releases. The manifold mounting surface specially machined to compensate for the slighty taller cylinders, so a stock length manifold/throttle body will fit. S&S High performance valve springs allow the installation of camshafts with up to .650" lift. Compatible with stock rocker boxes, exhaust, and intake manifolds. Stone grey powder coat finish matches granite CVO engine components."

Which is not true is:  " Machined for S&S electric or manual compression releases" They are not machined for Electric or manual. FYI