Author Topic: A few of the 2015 Winter Specials  (Read 1381 times)

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A few of the 2015 Winter Specials
« on: October 20, 2015, 09:12:25 AM »
Here are some examples of the Specials and Promotions we will be running this year during the off season.  Stop in the shop for a full list of our Specials and Promotions!!
   Purchase a PC Racing reusable oil filter and receive FREE labor on your first engine oil change!!
   FREE battery testing as well as FREE INSTALL on Battery Tenders
   Battery Tenders only $27.89 out the door

***All work orders must be paid in full at time of write up.  Prices good 11/01/15 thru 03/31/16***

Do you remember your old Dot 3 Brake Master Cylinders and how crusty they were?  This can also happen with Dot 4 brake fluid.  Dot 5 brake fluid will produce (for lack of a better term) little umbrella looking blobs.  Reduce the effect of this happening, moisture is corrosive to everything!
Do you have a 2000 2007 Harley with pulsing/warped rotors?  Do we have a deal with you!!!  Quality Russell Rotor installed out the door for $129.00 per side, pads $50.00 installed out the door, and flush the fluid for $85.00 out the door. 

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